Reward Debit Card

Add even more purchasing power to your business accounts! Our Rewards debit card lets you earn one point for every $4 signature-based transaction. Keep adding up points to redeem for rewards like electronics, office supplies, gift cards for employees, company trips, and so much more. You can customize your card to include your logo, and request additional cards for authorized employees. Get started today!

  • No minimum balance required
  • Ability to withdraw cash from your business account
  • Make deposits to your account during non-banking hours
  • No interest charged for debit transactions
  • No fee charged when used at a local ATM machine
  • Earn points with every $4 signature-based purchase
  • Redeem for excellent rewards with FOCUS Rewards

Certain Terms and Conditions apply to Rewards. See program for details or ask a representative. For more information about debit/credit/prepaid and gift card rules, go to: